Apulia: The Tuscany of the South

Kissed by the Adriatic sun, southern Italy’s Apulia region is a land of olive trees, impressive Norman castles, and charming hilltop towns overlooking aquamarine seas. Settle in the beautiful 5 star boutique resorts and then travel to Lecce to admire its lace-like baroque architecture and to Ostuni to view dazzling white buildings… Delight in the quaint fishing village of Trani… Marvel at the unique pointed, helmet-like roofs of the Trulli houses in the Apulia countryside village Alberobello

oin us on this exciting adventure to one of Italy’s little-known regions and discover why this area has been settled and contended for centuries with its incredible nature history and food and wines traditions! Puglia: a land rich in history where Greek and Roman influences have left enduring trace and where the Baroque has enriched buildings and squares with its style. That is why this part of Italy has been defined the “Tuscany of the South”. A brand new place for your event with great new resort hotels, restaurants and exciting activities!