Sardinia: The natural Beauty

A rare ability to reinvigorate the spirits…the sea around this Mediterranean Island is among the most beautiful and transparent in all the world. Sandy beaches reach as far as the eye can see, the breeze carries the aroma of rosemary and wild juniper. Sardinia’s waters are nearly bursting with fish and shellfish and can rival any tropical destination. Further contributing to the uniqueness of this Island, Sardinian’s speak a language almost incomprehensible to other Italians, and yet they retain a keen sense of honour and hospitality to visitors.

The glamorous resorts and restaurants on the Emerald Coast, around Porto Cervo, are the perfect setting for an unforgettable incentive trip. Away from the coast, the scenery can be similarly stunning with a pastoral quilt of forested mountain peaks, valleys of citrus groves and pastures of happily grazing cattle and sheep.

A perfect destination for a split program with any of the italian art cities, Sardinia is waiting to be discovered!

Across the landscape are scattered 7000 nuraghi, strange conical stone fortresses, temples, tombs and mysterious menhirs all remains from the Bronze Age. According to recent studies Sardinia could have been the legendary Atlantis… making it all more interesting to visit and explore.
Sardinia distinguishes itself in the kitchen with hearty pastas and a love for pungent local cheeses, like pecorino and smoked ricotta. Sardinians also produce notable wines and unique liquors such as the “mirto”.