What they say about us


VENICE - ITALY Thank you for all your assistance on the “Front End” to make this such nice and successful Program for the YAMAHA MARINE GROUP. We did it and we hope to have the opportunity to work together with FOURTH DIMENSION soon again! Best to all!

- Lauren Levy - Event Manager

ROME ITALY - OCTOBER 2011 …FOURTH DIMENSION TEAM our program was amazing! Thanks again so much for all you did while our GOOGLE PROGRAM was in Rome!

- Kara Lindsey - Director of Operations - Polk Majestic Meetings & Incentives

OCTOBER 2013 - ROME - ITALY …You were fantastic throughout the entire planning process! Thank you so much - GRAZIE MILLE - for a job above and beyond expectations! Thank you again FOURTH DIMENTION TEAM for making the METLIFE PRESIDENT CLUB 2013 such a success!

- Lori Allen - Metlife Event Planner

ROME & SORRENTO - MAY 2011 …On behalf of TELCORDIA TECHNOLOGIES we want to thank you for your contribution to the success of the TELCORDIA DIAMOND CLUB. Your hard work and dedication were an important part of this program and we thank you for all that you did! With much thanks and appreciation!

- Telcordia Event Management Team

SARDINIA , ITALY - MAY 2012 …On behalf of the Event Team and Office Depot we want to thank FOURTH DIMENSION ITALY for your hard work and dedication that led to the tremendous success of OFFICE DEPOT 2011 CHAMPION’S CIRCLE program. Thank you again for your support in beautiful Sardinia!

- Kelly Curry, Mary Lloyd, Laura Savasta - Director & Managers of Corporate Events

ROME - ITALY …I cannot begin to tell you what a sincere pleasure it was to work with the Fourth Dimension Team on this very demanding and challenging MORGAN STANLEY PROGRAM. I know we asked many crazy questions and had tight deadlines which you always were able to meet. It was such a successful program and i cannot thank you enough for your huge part in making that happen! Regards

- Lisa Franke - Travel Account Manager

FLORENCE , TUSCANY - ITALY MAY 2010 …All the hard work was appreciated to make the MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC PROGRAM in Florence a huge success! Dinner with the David By Michelangelo was the highlight of a lifetime for all our guests from Australia!… Regards

- Geoff Brauer - Event Manager

ROME , ITALY - MAY 2012 …Wanted to send you a quick note to express my deepest gratitude to FOURTH DIMENSION ITALY. The President Club Program was a great success - and a large part of that was because of how great you and your team are! From my site visit, through the planning and execution - your team has been a great asset to me in making this feel quite effortless. I know working for Softchoice can have its challenges at times - as we move very quickly with decisions and can make changes on the fly! We had the perfect setting for our final dinner, a venue that will be very difficult to top! The overall experience is one I will never forget and i hope to work in Italy soon again with all of you… Please know - That I rarely send emails like this - but i really wanted you to know how much I appreciated your team and how great they really are! Missing Italy… Ciao!

- Karen Brar - Manager Corporate Events

MAY 10 TH 2011 - TAORMINA , SICILY - ITALY On behalf of the Event Team and Office Depot, we want to personally thank you for your help this week that led to the tremendous success of OFFICE DEPOT CHAMPION’S CIRCLE PROGRAM. Thank you again for your great support in Taormina. We wish you continued success throughout the year ahead. All the best!

- Kelly , Laury , Mary - Office Depot Staff

APRIL 2013 - VENICE - ITALY …Our clients had an amazing time in Venice, the itinerary was great and run very smoothly. They loved it all and did loads of shopping and eating! Thank you FOURTH DIMENSION for all your great personal attention to details and assistance at all times! Kind Regards

- Kelly Pitt Intimo Lingerie Stylist Services - Australia

APRIL 2013 - SORRENTO & THE AMALFI COAST - ITALY …I would like to thank all the staff at FOURTH DIMENSION ITALY for your great help with the KPN SALES WORLD PROJECT! All together we have made this trip a huge success! My hand did hurt after shaking so many thankful guests upon my return to AMSTERDAM! …I want to thank you all for working hard and helping me with everything I asked! I really enjoyed working with you and the great cooperation we had during the program! Warm Regards

- Annemiek Dekkers - Project Manager

VENICE - ITALY 2010 ….On behalf of Creative Group & Kia we want to thank you for making the President’s Club Program such a success. We appreciate your hard work and dedication and we look forward to working with you again in the near future. All the best, Nicole

- Nicole Gauthier - Event Director

ROME - ITALY 2011 …Thank you for your efforts and hard work in making the HOSHI ROME PROGRAM such a HUGE success! Your willingness to partner with us helped achieve our goal of making this a great experience for our guests. We look forward to working with you again in the future!

- The Meeting Group Team and Hoshi Management

MAY 2013 - ROME & SORRENTO …Please forgive my delay in writing! I know I was able to thank you in person in Rome, but also wanted to put it in writing. It is such a good feeling to have such a comfort level with a partner and know you can totally depend and rely on them. Just knowing you were at the other end of that terminal waiting for our group caused all of us to breathe easier. The process went so smoothly – it truly was the best disembarkation process I have experienced on a cruise. Being a charter made it a bit easier, as we weren’t dealing with the masses, but your organization made it less chaotic and seamless! Thank you for all that you did, your dedication and organization made it easy for me. Everything you organized, room gifts, fireworks, airport transfers were fantastic! Thank you for being at the terminal in the wee hours and insuring all went smoothly! From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all of you and your wonderful staff at Fourth Dimension for making the ENERSYS PROGRAM PERFECT! I treasure you, our partnership and friendship! Grazie Mille and the warmest of regards! Keep in touch when time permits.

- Noel M. McKeon - Senior Travel Program Manager Meridian Enterprises

ROME, ITALY - 2 PROGRAMS - 1ST IN 2003 - 2ND IN 2014 ...On behalf of CITRIX & AIMIA , thank you for your effort to make our program a top quality one! We appreciate your dedication! It helped make the President's Club a success.

- CITRIX & AIMIA Event Staff

ROME - ITALY ...Thank you for your efforts and hard work in making the CRESSET PROGRAM such a HUGE success! Your willingness to partner with us helped achieve our goal of making this a great experience for all our guests! We look forward to working with you again in the future!


AMALFI COAST & SORRENTO - SEPTEMBER 2014 …Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you at FOURTH DIMENSION ITALY for your hard work in helping make our weekend so successful. We thoroughly enjoyed it and we have had great feedback from the clients about the hotel, venues, food and organisation. It was all great and we all have some fantastic memories (especially from Coconuts, that was definitely a highlight!)…. Thank you for your patience and for arranging things at the last minute! Please extend our thanks to the guides as well – trying to get an unruly coachload of people to listen is no easy task! The attention to detail at the venues was also highly appreciated by our guests, especially the fact they prepared special food for Carly (our gluten free guest) – she commented that this was a lovely touch… Regards to all and looking forward to working with you again!

- Sarah Morton - Account Manager

ROME - ITALY 2010 …Thank you so much for all you did to make AUTODESK ’S DIAMOND CLUB the “BEST EVER”. I only wish we could have every program In Italy! Warm Regards

- Carol

….I am just home from my international flight and before any time elapses, I want to thank you and your team for the success of the Diamond Club program in Florence and the Legend Makers program in Rome, in January 2015 for KRONOS. Feedback has been very positive, both from participants, my client contacts, and the top executives. Comments have included “flawless execution” and “the best program to date.” As you well know, I have been in this business more years than I care to admit. I have worked with DMCs the world-over and rarely have I felt the partnership I find with 4th Dimension. The level of trust, professionalism and experience within your organization is exceptional. 24/7 — including through Christmas and New Years, my emails and calls were answered within hours. Should an emergency or change occur while onsite, I had 24-hour access to someone from your team. But more importantly, behind the exceptional level of service, it is the personalities of your employees that make working with your team a sincere pleasure (and dare I even say … “fun?”) And, in this stressful, crazy, deadline-driven business we are in, that makes all the difference. Please offer my contact information to any potential clients that seek a reference. Thank you for making my team shine!

- Laura Yates, President Dovetail Event Partners - January 2015

Dear All at FDI, First, let me thank you for all your help and work to organise this event for ZURICH in Rome. It was quite a large and complex event especially with all these transfers, off site dinners etc. Thank you for your great team work and all assistance prior and during the event. Best regards, Régine

- Régine Bruehweiler Manager - Group Events, Group Marketing - January 16, 2015

ROME, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 2009 …I want to thank you for the most successful trip in ROME for US FOODS and your kind personal attention. This meant a great deal to us and of course made a huge difference to the program! All FDI staff was most cooperative, prompt and helpful through our stay in Italy and planning time!… Warm Regards to all!

- Pearl Markarian, CEO-Owner Landmark Incentives

First, I would like to tell you how much all your team mean to American National and to me personally. These meetings as you know are never without some challenges whether by weather, hotel, air, government or ‘associates’ we work with or are requested to work together. As you know, my years in the business may stretch longer than most and I have met so many people, many you know also. No group or DMC has made such a difference in a successful program as Fourth Dimension has for the 2014 American National Conference in Rome. I am personally proud to be associated with you, all of Fourth Dimension and to be able to advise everyone I know about the work, trust and integrity you all represent. Our 2014 Conference is now considered the Best Ever and that is a large part owed to your team... At any time you would like to refer to me as a reference please never hesitate. ALL THE BEST!

- James A. Collura - Vice President Chief Life and Agency Administration Officer

ROME - ITALY …Now that all the dust has settled…I have a moment to thank you for our excellent World Class Performance to Italy! I have had a very positive feedback from participants as well as home office guests and on behalf of myself and BP OIL please accept this letter as thanks for your efforts in providing our winners a memorable experience. I look forward to recommending FOURTH DIMENSION ITALY to colleagues considering the wonderful experience of Italy for their future incentive needs! Sincerely

- Raj Sandhu - Brand Management

SICILY & SORRENTO - ITALY - MAY 2010 …I could not start off my first day back in the office without sending a quick note of thanks to all of you at FOURTH DIMENSION ITALY for all your hard work on the KRASDALE PROGRAM in Sicily & Sorrento! As for your long hours, both before and during the trip have paid off. Mr. Krasne was very pleased with the results and his clients had a great time! Thank you for your continued partnership and we look forward to returning to Italy soon with another program! Best Regards to all!

- Jason Altman, Account Executive - Chicago

How do I begin to thank you for all of your efforts on the Pfizer Board of Directors Program? You were incredible partners to us from beginning to end... Your partnership with our onsite team was a role model for all DMC’s. If only we could transport you to be our partner in all regions of the world! You have my sincere and heartfelt gratitude for all that you helped us accomplish on this very important Pfizer program. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Teresa Harris - Account Director

ROME , ITALY - OCTOBER 2013 …You were absolutely wonderful to work with. Your great spirit and competency made our job so much easier! Thank you all at FOURTH DIMENSION ITALY for your help!

- Marlene Hier - Event Manager at Wiesenthal

On behalf of PACIFIC LIFE, we would like to thank your company for helping to make our LEADERS CONFERENCE program a success. It was a pleasure to work with the entire FOURTH DIMENSION Team during the planning process as well as on site. We look forward to the possibility of working with you in the future.

- Sherri Wiseman - Director, Meeting & Event Marketing