The largest of the Mediterranean Islands, Sicily is characterized by a vivacious and tenacious culture.

Sensuous sunshine, exquisite temples, hilltop castles, a variety of dialects and local foods. Seductively beautiful and perfectly placed in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sicily has been luring passersby since the time of legends. The land of Scylla, Charybdis and the Cyclops has been praised by poets from Homer to Virgil and prized by the many ancient cultures – Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Greeks.

A crazy layer-cake of culinary influences, Sicily’s ancient cuisine continues to rely on a few key island-grown ingredients: shellfish and citrus, tuna and swordfish, pistachios, hazelnuts and almonds, ricotta and wild herbs. Traditional ties to the land run deep here… from the simplest cannolo to the most exquisitely spiced fish couscous. Cult wineries and ancient villas abound to offer incredible venue settings for your events!

Sicily’s varied landscape makes a dramatic first impression.

Fly into Catania and the smoking hulk of Etna greets you; together with TaorminaNaxos and Syracuse. Arrive in Palermo and it’ll be the sparkling mountain-fringed Golfo di Castellammare with the possibility to explore Erici, Sagesta, Marsala and Agrigento.

This juxtaposition of sea, volcano and mountain scenery makes a stunning backdrop for outdoors activities. Sicily and its dozen-plus offshore islands offer enough swimmingdivinghiking and climbing to build an entire program around.