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The Deluxe Incentive Travel Experience is a wonderful way for a Company to reward its people for a job well done. But let’s look back, for a minute, where it all started.

Incentive Travel: definition and main purpose

The concept of “Incentive” was invented during the late 20’s in the United States, where major corporations that started massive production of consumer goods needed large teams of salespeople to acquire customers. Large companies like, Ford, General Electric and The Coca Cola Company assigned territories, set quotas and began to measure salespeople success. A strong competition in every field compelled these corporations to professionalize their employees and reward them with cash bonuses or induction into elite club. This was the beginning of the unstoppable success of this business.

Later on in the 50’s, giving an “incentive” meant to give not only cash bonuses but also extra perks such as company cars, country club memberships and private secretaries and the use of vacation homes…the latest  being one of the most wanted perks!  Here we go, with the first concept of incentive travel.

In the past 40 years, incentives of all kinds were used to attract and keep good salespeople in the same corporation. The most sophisticated electronic gifts and home appliances, child-care assistance and stock options, are a few of the ways, used to lure employees to sell more and work as hard as possible to meet their quota.

One of the most wanted and alluring perks of all times has become the concept of Deluxe Incentive Travel.

Incentive Travel: Examples

Planning incredible trips to the most wonderful destinations in the world, which involves staying in the best deluxe hotels available, has become a very popular and acclaimed way to reward your best people. These trips are planned so that the activities and all involved have an aura of “exclusivity” and hard to do on your own. This way participants know that they are in for an incredible experience that money cannot buy, a once in a life-time event to be “earned” at all costs.

As of today, it is still one of the most wanted prizes, so most companies invest a lot in having an expert team to plan their Incentive Annual Trip, with the most possible exclusivity and highlights.
The result is hundreds of Deluxe Incentive Trips, now offered in most nations and corporations, all over the world’s most exclusive destinations.

Incentive Travel trip in Italy

Italy is one of the most wanted locations always the Top Ten Mice destinations for Incentive Travel. Our country offers so many different options , from the Art Cities like Rome, Florence and Venice, to wonderful seaside destinations like the Amalfi Coast or The Italian Riviera with Portofino and the Cinque Terre. Not to talk about our wonderful islands such as Sardinia and Sicily.

In addition to History and Art, in Italy guests on an Incentive Trip can also enjoy wonderful deluxe hotel properties, tasty food and rare wines, great shopping, incredible venues to have a Gala Party and last but not least the Italian Way of Life. A unique deluxe experience to treasure, this is the aim of Incentive Travel and the people who plan it and the final guests who enjoys it.

Incentive Travel & Fourth Dimension Italy

Fourth Dimension Italy was started in Rome in 1975, to help the first attempts of Corporations from North America, to have their employees experience the best Italy could offer.

Still today, we specialise only in Deluxe Incentive Travel and Meetings taking the greatest care in details and quality of execution of any activity Incentive Travel involves. We have dedicated and experienced staff all over the country, that will make Incentive Programs and Meetings a sure success. Fourth Dimension Italy reputation in the Incentive Travel World in North America, Great Britain and Australia speaks for itself.

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