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Italy is one of the most popular destinations in the world to plan a memorable Corporate Event, both in the case of an incentive trip or a company meeting. One of the reasons is because of its wealth of incredible venues available in every single destination you may choose in our country. There are prestigious locations to be rented everywhere, from historical monuments to incredible private palaces not to mention some unique villas and some modern design buildings from worldwide famous architects. This offers meeting planners a full range of possibilities, available only in a few countries worldwide.

Here is selected top 10 list of some of the most prestigious venues to be used in some of the more popular Corporate Event destinations in Italy. The capacity of each venue can vary according to configuration of spaces available. The number indicated is the one offering the best logistics regarding, the main space capacity, F&B requirements and in some cases transportation limitations.

Best event venue in Venice

Venice – Palazzo Pisani Moretta 

Ideal Capacity: 150 guests in the main hall 

This historical palace is located on a very scenic spot on the Grand Canal, making it the ideal place to organise a wonderful Gala Dinner in Venice. The construction of this monumental palace goes back to the 15th century and the front and its frescoed interiors with its precious Murano Glass chandeliers, are a perfect example of wealthy noble Venetian private residence. A unique addition, to organising an event in this venue, is that you can use gondolas as the transportation to reach it. 

Best event venue in Milan

Milan – Mico Convention Center

Ideal Capacity: for very large meetings for up to 3700 guests in one hall in theatre style.

This very modern and stylish structure, located near Milan city center, is the largest private congress location in Europe. MiCo has 65 halls of different sizes and a total space of 50.000 square meters, so if you are looking for a major space for a meeting or congress for a major corporation and an easy to reach world wide air-lift, MiCo is the ideal location in Italy. The MiCo Staff is highly specialised to handle big international events so you are definitely in excellent hands if Milan is the chosen destination for your convention.

Best event venue in Como

Como Lake – Villa Del Balbianello

Ideal Capacity: 50 guests

This small but incredibly beautiful venue is located on a small hill right on the shores of Lake Como. This Villa now considered a major masterpiece was built in 1787 as the summer residence of Cardinal Durini. Now is part of FAI a major Italian organization that preserves smaller and very unique monuments in our country.

Villa del Balbianello can be scenically reached with deluxe speedboat and guests will walk through the fantastic Italian Garden that leads to the main building. Here  you can host an incredible event with tables set up on the scenic porch overlooking Lake Como. The Villa was also used to film one of The Star Wars episodes, making it even more special to use it, as a Corporate Event Venue

Best event venue in Italian Riviera

Portofino – Italian Riviera – La Cervara Abbey

Ideal Capacity: 150 guests

La Cervara San Gerolamo Abbey dates back to 1361 and is a beautiful ancient private property located on the Italian Riviera, between Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure. This historical venue is listed as a National Italian Monument, has a wonderful sea view location, with a perfect Italian Garden and impeccably restored interiors. The perfect spot for an elegant Gala Dinner when organising an event in this area.

Best event venue in Florence

Florence – Palazzo Corsini

Ideal Capacity : 200 guests

Palazzo Corsini is a private noble family residence in the heart of Florence, perfectly located on the shores of the Arno River, just a few minutes walk or drive from the major 5 star hotels in the city. This makes it the ideal location for a Gala Dinner in its magnificent Throne Room. The palace was built in 50 years at the end of the 1600’s and the Corsini Family, still owning it nowadays used the most capable painters and artists of the time. The open air terrace overlooking the river and the inner open air courtyard also make it very unique to organise some special entertainment during your event .

Best event venues in Rome

Rome – Villa Miani

Ideal Capacity: 380 to 1200 guests

Villa Miani is located on Monte Mario Hill overlooking the whole skyline of Rome, making it one of the most beautiful locations for an event in the Eternal City. The Villa was the private countryside residence of a very wealthy family but now belongs to one of the best catering company in the City. The space is very flexible with different rooms and levels including the immense grass field overlooking Rome, to be also used for entertainment. Ideal for a memorable Welcome or Farewell Party for your event in the Capital of Italy.

Rome – Caracalla Baths

Ideal Capacity : 600 to 1000 guests

The impressive Ancient Rome complex of The Baths of Caracalla, standing nearby the Circus Maximus and the Colosseum is one of the famous Spa’s of the Roman Empire. Built between AD 212 and 216, this was the second largest Spa complex in town, decorated with incredible mosaics and heated with a very ingenious underground system, still visible today. Given by the City of Rome with a special authorisation, this can be definitely considered the most exclusive ancient venue available in town. A totally transparent structure can be built to allow all weather  protection and the grand entrance to this monument will make your Corporate Event in Rome a memory to last forever.

Rome –  La Nuvola Convention Center

Ideal Capacity: up to 8000 guests

La Nuvola is a brand new convention center in the EUR business district of Rome. Designed by famous architect Massimiliano Fuksass it takes a very sustainable approach to meetings and events using the most modern and ergonomically correct  solutions when handling a large event. The total space is 58.000 square meters divided in 3 main areas with an impressive 1760 guests Auditorium located in the “Cloud” looking structure contained in the main building. Ultra modern, sustainable  and impressive, like a modern Corporate event should be.

Best event venue in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast – Villa Cimbrone

Ideal Capacity : 60 guests

Villa Cimbrone is a very romantic private residence, with a very small hotel in the main building, located on the most impressive cliff of Ravello, the artistic village on the southern end of the Amalfi Coast. This historical location dates back to the 11th century AD and is definitely one of the Top locations in this area.

The botanical garden leads the guests to an unsurpassed  terraced cocktail location   with a grand view over the Med Sea and the intimate covered Cloister will be the perfect place for your Gala Event in Italy.

Best event venue in Sicily (Taormina)

Taormina – Sicily – Radice Pura Botanical Gardens

Ideal Capacity – 200 guests

Radice Pura is a lush botanical garden located in the valley below Taormina and at the foot of the majestic volcano Mt. Etna. 

The complex is totally eco-friendly and has a beautiful traditional Sicilian Farm area and a modern Green House and both of them offer a great location for a Corporate Event when having a group in Taormina. This venue puts together the traditional elegance of the Sicilian landscape with the modern and green needs of a nowadays Corporate event.

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